It’s all fun and games until someone throws up…

Well, M had her first cold this weekend. Six months and this is the first time she’s sick – not so bad. But it still stinks! Actually, we both started getting sick on Friday. Poor thing. We gave her some of that “grape-flavored” Dimetapp (which we later tasted and it is BITTER), and it totally made her gag and throw up. It’s amazing how as a parent, I don’t really mind. I still scooped her up to comfort her.
And she totally hates having her nose wiped. Micah, man, I sympathize with what you’re saying. I’d let her have a snotty nose if it’d keep her from crying…even though it drives me crazy.
All in all, I have to say, she has been a real trooper. In fact, it’s made me realize that we really do have a very happy baby. I guess I didn’t think of her as a happy baby because the beginning was so…well, fussy. Then recently it seems like everyone has been commenting on what a happy girl she is and what a wonderful smile she has. She does have a huge smile. I kept blowing it off, saying, “Well, sometimes she’s happy…” But you know what? I’ve been paying more attention to it – and she’s really happy almost all the time. Now, she’s definitely opinionated. She let’s you know when she’s bored or tired or hungry. I can’t really call that unhappy, though. She’s actually just communicating.
And that’s so big. She smiles at the funniest things too. Her favorite thing to smile at is unquestionably the dog. She loves to smile at her daddy too. And then there’s the random thing like cast iron trivets I have hanging on the wall in our kitchen. I still haven’t figured out what’s so funny about them.
Anyway…(talk about your stream of consciousness blog!) I think we’re on the downhill stretch for getting over our colds, and I think we’re gonna make it. Phew!


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