The Perfect Girl’s Night Out

So one of my best friends, Stephanie, was in town this past week and she and three other of my best friends went out for a long overdue girl’s night out. Can I just say, it was perfect? We went to a fabulous, trendy sushi bar downtown (yum!) where the food was worth the extremely long wait. Even though we didn’t have a table (yes, Michelle, my fault), our seats at the bar worked out just fine. We were at the very end of the bar where it curved around, so we could still all see each other, and we weren’t in the middle of other people’s conversations. We caught up with each other’s lives and chatted as old friends do. I love how with your really close friends you can just pick up with your friendship as if no time has passed in between visits. Of course, what we discussed at girl’s night stays with girl’s night (but if you really want to know, go read Michelle’s blog…). Then, we headed next door for dessert and coffee, which was awesome too. Our night was filled with laughter, encouragement and real conversation. It’s amazing how being with people you love and who really know and love you lifts your spirits and makes you thankful that God created fellowship. No one really wanted to go home, but it was getting a little late…and nothing that fun is open past 10:30pm in Fort Worth anyway. Hopefully we will be able to all be together again sooner than later. But in the meantime, there is email, skype and the wonderful memories of the perfect girl’s night out.


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