A Year in Review

I was thinking today about all that has transpired in this past year, and I’m amazed at how long of a year it has been.

A year ago M was just 3 months old, almost sitting up. Now she is running all over the place, climbing on everything.

Then she was just smiling and cooing. Now I love to watch her say “Dance, dance!” as she does her little dance. Or say “Pwane” and point to the sky every time she hears a plane fly overhead. Or say “woof woof” every time (and I mean EVERY time) she hears a dog.

She has always loved the dog, but then she just laughed at her (her first real, big laugh). Now she flops on top of the dog, tries to ride her and loves to feed her.

At the beginning of the year, she hadn’t even started reaching for me. Now she gives me the BEST huge hugs and even doles out some kisses. I love that.

For the majority of this year, I had a job. And I was stressed out trying to balance being a mom and having a job and being a wife and…now I have time to actually focus part of my brain. And I have some time to read again.

Earlier in the year I wasn’t consistent in writing blogs. Now, I’m really starting to try to focus on my writing.

Then I wasn’t sleeping through the night because M wasn’t. Now, well, wait, that hasn’t really changed.

My husband and I are a lot closer to each other. We’ve fought more, but we’ve learned how to be patient with each other, to give up control and to love each other better.

I have new friends that are so dear to me that I didn’t really have at the beginning of the year.

I’m in an awesome mentoring relationship, and I wasn’t thinking I would be a mentor this year. I’m so grateful for the privilige and am learning so much.

I think I’m a lot closer to God, and have had some revolutionary revelations about my relationship with Him – what I believe He intends for me to focus on, what He has called me to do this next year, and what that looks like when you’re a busy mom with a demanding child.

What an amazing year. I am so blessed.

Photos: Baby M, 2005 and Cool Girl, 2006

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