I’m really going to kick this thing…

I suppose I should not be surprised that we all got sick. Really, we haven’t been that sick this winter, so I guess we’re due. But the excuse this time for my short hiatus is the common cold. First M got sick (thanks to a friend coughing all over her), and then I got it this weekend. Poor hubby picked up the cough early this week, and now we’re all sort of pathetic. M is taking it like a trooper. She’s still happy as a lark and having a good time – thank goodness! I moped around for the last couple days, but decided today to get my wimpy butt in gear. I aired out the house, sterilized everything in sight, did the laundry and ran some errands (including a stop at Jamba Juice for a Cold Buster!). I read a little while M took her nap, and then decided to come in and catch up on my blogging. I’m posting one I started this weekend, and I’ll try to get a couple more out today and tomorrow that have been bouncing around in my head. Stay tuned! I’m determined to kick this bug – I’ve got too much to do not to!


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