On the Road…

I intended to post a review of Mary DeMuth’s Wishing on Dandelions today, but I’m just too busy getting ready to go out of town. I’m off to Mount Hermon tomorrow morning, and I will be posting blogs daily (hopefully) from there about my experience. If you’re going to be there, please leave me a comment and let’s meet up at some point! Off to finish packing…



  1. Llama Momma

    Have a wonderful time! I used to live in Sunnyvale, so went frequently to Mt. Hermon for retreats and such. Though I never made it to the writer’s conference. I almost went this year, but my husband and I have our anniversary trip next week, and it equalled too much time away with such a little one at home. (And we *really* need the anniversary trip!)

    Okay. I’m masking my jealousy with happy thoughts for you. This will be such a rich time!! Enjoy. Oh, now I really wish I was going!! We could finally sit down with that cup of coffee!! 🙂

  2. L.L. Barkat

    Oh, so envious am I! I was supposed to go this year, but will be there next year instead, to give a seminar on blogging, of all things! Can’t wait to hear what you cull from the experience.

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