Mount Hermon: Some learnings

Here are a few thoughts as my conference comes to a close. I promise to have more detailed updates once I get home, and a few more interviews.

1) To truly find my contentment and acceptance in Christ, and nothing else. I truly feel God changed my heart in a way I’ve never been changed before and uprooted seeds of envy and self-doubt.
2) To let my writing be the result of my heart, overflowing out onto the page. Not only does this require me to write about what stirs my heart, but it refocuses me on ministry, rather than publication.
3) To ensure my writing points my reader(s) to the eternal. Writing about anything else is insignificant.
4) To put on my eye makeup. I’ve never really known how to do it with more than one color. My mother in law gave me this beautiful compact with four shades in it, and I stare at it in bewilderment. Now I’m experimenting and having fun!

5) That sin can be a lid that contains my writing and prevents the outpouring of my heart. I must deal with it to be effective in my writing.

Night night!

Photo: Flower outside of Central Lounge, Mount Hermon, CA (2007)



  1. Katie

    Ok I love that you threw #4 in there.

    Oh and it was your sweet little girl that made my Sunday morning. We’ve bonded and soon we’ll be braiding each other’s hair and playing tea party. I can feel it. 🙂

  2. Mel

    Hey, just checking out your blog via the list of Mt. Hermon bloggers. (I saw you almost everywhere I went . . . we must have common interests!)

    I look forward to reading your blog. 🙂

  3. spaghettipie

    Katie – yea, thankfully TJ was with me to give me a makeup primer. I’m glad that M has finally warmed up. You probably will be BFF before you know it.

    Mel – Thanks for stopping by! Did you receive a list of the bloggers? I didn’t get one…

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