Mount Hermon: More Photos

A few more photos to share, while I’m working on a wrap-up blog about the experience.

No conference is complete without it. Particularly when you’re attending prayer and praise at 7:15am each morning. Llama Momma, this one’s for you.

I’m guessing you’ve noticed by now that I like to take pictures of flowers…

This circle of trees created a natural chapel. Gorgeous.

A conferee. No, just kidding of course. He was our keynote speaker. Ha!

Okay, really there were people at the conference, not just flowers and wild animals. Me and my friend TJ. Is this the first picture I’ve ever posted of myself on here? (pondering whether or not to go through with posting it)

The party cabin: TJ, me, Jeanne, Leslie, Mary



  1. Madison Richards

    I love your collection of thoughts and insights from Mt Hermon – I think I’ve read them all now!

    You yourself are a gift. Just share you and you will be sharing your gift with the world…

    Be blessed!

  2. spaghettipie

    LM – snow? what’s that?
    JD – we are WAY cute. and that keynote speaker was indeed a nut…and a little jumpy.
    MR – thanks for stopping by and for such words of encouragement. So glad we met and looking forward to continuing our friendship

  3. Craver Vii

    Thanks for the picture. I completely understand and support those who choose not to use a personal photo on their blog. But when this exchange of ideas becomes frequent, we feel like we know each other. I have met a couple of bloggers who I consider to be personal friends, but when I met them in person, it was awkward, like a whole new introduction. I prefer it when the initial face to face encounter includes a big smile and nod from across the room even before there is a formal introduction, and hugs wherever they are appropriate.

  4. Llama Momma

    It was nice to meet you too, Craver! And not awkward at all, since I’ve seen your picture so many times. Seriously…it was awkward because you didn’t know what I would look like? Didn’t my self-description of middle aged, slightly overweight woman pushing a stroller give me away immediately? Interesting…very interesting…

    I’ve thought of posting a picture. I’m not exactly sure why I don’t. I like to keep it anonymous for people who don’t know me…just for safety reasons. (Woman with three cute boys alone with her kids all week long with lots of expensive computers….hmmm….)

    But, it was weird to say “nice to meet you,” when I felt like I already know you!

  5. Craver Vii

    Yeah, as I was leaving, I said, “Nice to meet you,” and it didn’t seem quite right.

    Spaghettipie, see what I mean?

  6. spaghettipie

    LL – We were so fortunate to have amazing weather there this year, so the light was great!

    Craver and LM –
    First of all, you got to meet LM? I’m jealous. We just set up pretend coffee dates.
    I can totally see what you mean, though. It is weird how you can build a community with people whose real first name you don’t even know. We’re pouring out (and reading) each other’s lives and thoughts so we feel connected. Sometimes I just wish my “in-person” friends would just read my blog to get into my head more. That was a cool thing about my conference this year – putting some faces on the user names I see on blogs…

  7. Llama Momma

    SP — “Sometimes I just wish my “in-person” friends would just read my blog to get into my head more.”

    Have you asked them to?

  8. spaghettipie

    LM – I’ve certainly told them about it, but I cant say I’ve ever said, please go read my blog to learn more about me. It’s not like I don’t discuss the things i blog about with them, it’s just different…in a way. Interesting topic. Maybe I’ll write a whole post about it.

  9. Llama Momma

    SP — it is different, isn’t it? The stuff we blog about doesn’t always come up in conversation, which is one of the things I love about it.

    Like meeting Craver. I have to say, even if we went to the same church, I’m not sure our lives would overlap. I would never know about his concern for the poor or his heart for evangelism. I would just shake his hand and say “Good morning.” The blog thing evens the playing field and lets us “in” to eachothers lives in a meaningful way that may not ever happen otherwise.

    I’ve asked a few of my closest friends to read my blog to “help me keep it real.” This not only helps me keep it honest and real (I sometimes like to hide behind funny — I know, hard to imagine!), it has also deepened those relationships.

  10. spaghettipie

    LM – I agree. Ironically, because I’m blogging on Galatians, my pastor sent a link to my blog out and now I have people from church coming up to me saying they’re reading. I love it – but it kind of freaks me out too. I guess it’s that holding me accountable part…

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