My friend, Llama Momma, is participating in the Walk for Life event in her area. She has a touching blog about why she is involved and a link to sponsor her, if you are interested. I’m posting in support of her because I have a long history with this issue…nearly 30 years, in fact, so it obviously holds a special place in my heart. Additionally, my mom started a Crisis Pregnancy Center in my hometown a long time ago, and we even had a young, unwed mother and her son live with us for a while. Supporting events like this are worth the investment, and as my friend Sarah points out over at headlines, we need to take a stand on important issues. It does make a difference!

Photo: Newborn birds in our backyard (2007)



  1. spaghettipie

    Jeanne – Thanks! I’m glad I’m alive too. 🙂
    LM – No problem; I’m glad to support you on an important issue. Yes, the new little birds are so amazing to watch. There’s actually one more egg in that nest, and one that is stuck in a branch a litle ways from the next (kicked out, maybe?).
    BJ – Thanks! I was afraid I’d be dive-bombed if I took too long, so I’m glad at least one I snapped turned out…

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