The Puke-Mobile

I’ve had to deal with people throwing up three times today.

1) My husband started feeling nauseated on the way to work (I dropped him off today because his car was being fixed). Literally, about a mile away, he asked me to pull over. He puked his guts out on the side of the road, and then fortunately felt much better. We now think it was due to taking some medicine on an empty stomach.

2) On the way home from the grocery store, my daughter gagged on a piece of cheese. Up came breakfast, a glass of milk, and, of course, the cheese. I had to pull over (again!), clean it up as best I could, make it home and then remove the carseat cover and straps to wash them. Oh, so pleasant.

3) Just after we walked in the door from spending the evening at my in-laws’ home, my daughter threw up again all over my husband. I now suspect the cheese incident this morning might not have just been gagging. Yippee.

Is my car just a nausea-mobile today or what? Fortunately, I haven’t gotten sick….yet. Maybe I’ll turn in early.



  1. Llama Momma

    Oh, barf in the car is the worst! (Twin A. gets carsick, so I’m all too familiar with the experience…)

    I hope your little one feels better today.

  2. BJ

    Umm, I think you need to work on not making such sharp turns and weaving all over the road… are you making people carsick? 😉

  3. spaghettipie

    LM – Ooh, how do you get around?

    BJ – I thought about that theory! But we went in the car yesterday and everyone was fine. Phew, I’m not THAT bad of a driver…

    Craver – Alrighty – post is up.

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