A pivotal weekend (and a blog posting preview)

Okay, this weekend I think was a pretty pivotal weekend for me.

I finished Dick Staub’s book The Culturally Savvy Christian and I’m renewed and energized about what it means to be a Christian in our culture. More about this later.

I read a book review on Trish Berg’s website about a book called Organizing for Life by Sandra Felton. I followed a link to her website and among other good things, I found this rule:

Change habits one at a time. Let’s start with The 30-Second Rule. “If it takes thirty seconds or less to do a job, do it immediately.” This applies to putting up packages when you come in, putting the scissors (or whatever) back where you got them, hanging up the clothes you take off and other things like that.

I loved it and implemented it immediately. It’s amazing the number of little things that get completed, quickly, and don’t end up piling up (usually somewhere in my house!).

Lastly, I’m reading a book called Created to be His Help Meet by Debi Pearl. Now to be honest, I have a love hate relationship with this book. Sometimes the cheesy formatting of the book drives me crazy, sometimes I’m not exactly sure I agree with her approach, and then she offers me some amazing nugget and I keep reading (that and it’s for my book club, so I have to finish). This weekend I read her description about the three kinds of men in the world, and what she wrote described my husband to a tee. It also helped me understand why I get so frustrated with him sometime. I’m going to share more about it in a separate post, but I’m way excited to try to change my approach and my thinking about my marriage and my husband! (Not that anything was abnormally bad, but definitely there’s always room for improvement)

Anyway, be checking back this week. I’ve got lots of thoughts going on in my head and I’m determined to get them down.



  1. spaghettipie

    LM – Not enough arms? nooo…..

    M – Yes, that’s what I was talking about. I’ll email ya about details.

  2. Llama Momma

    Yes, not enough arms! Like, we’re on our way in the house and I’ve got baby b. on one side, I’m unlocking the door with the other side, and in we go, without stopping to pick up the mail…

    And on and on it goes!

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