Welcome Home!

Thanks to all of you who have been praying for my husband on his trip to Sudan. He made it in safe and sound last night. Unfortunately, he began feeling extremely ill on his last flight, and spent the better part of today in bed. I think his fever broke sometime this evening, and he’s feeling a little better. Tomorrow will tell if we need a trip to the doctor. Once he gets to feeling better, I’ll post some of his stories. For now, I’m just hoping he’s not contagious…that’d be one heck of a souvenir…



  1. Jeanne Damoff

    I’m thankful with you for his safe return and pray for quick recovery (and no sharing!) of his illness.

    Love the pic of your colorful daughter!

  2. spaghettipie

    LM – Yes, we had quite a fun time painting. A little tip I picked up – dilute paint in a spray bottle until it is thin enough to come through the sprayer…she couldn’t quite do it herself, but loved smearing what I sprayed around.

    JD – Yes, she did end up quite colorful.

    C – I agree.

    Thanks, all for continuing to pray! Early results look like he may have pneumonia, but we’re still waiting to hear.

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