More randomness…

Okay, I was tagged by Mick Silva with the whole 8 Random Facts game, and I’ve wracked my brain trying to come up with some creative twist on it like LL or Charity. But, alas, my creativity fails me (and yet I still feel compelled to comply with the tag.) So here I go…again.

1) Piano at 4. I started taking piano lessons at age four and continued through fall semester of my freshman year of college. Well, that’s not entirely true. For three years, I accompanied our church choir instead of lessons because my piano teacher told me she had taught me all she could.

2) Addicted. To ice cream in a tortilla, that is. Don’t ask what compelled me to do it the first time, but I love it. I use less ice cream than I would if I were putting it into a bowl, and I can walk around the house doing other things while I eat it.

3) Stitches. When I was in sixth grade, I was in a biking accident that required three layers of eight stitches each. My mom nearly fainted while the doctor administered the shot into my knee, and I had to hold the nurse’s hand for moral support.

4) Anti-shot. I hate shots and needles. It’s probably because of what happened in #3, when I was left to face an excruciatingly painful needle by myself while my mother hung her head between her knees in the corner (can you tell I’m still bitter about that?). To this day, I can’t even sit with a friend who is giving blood, and I have to have at least a day’s worth of time to mentally prepare myself before getting a shot. It’s a wonder I made it through childbirth.

5) Espresso. My husband bought me an espresso machine for our anniversary, and it’s the best present he’s ever given me. I have espresso nearly every morning, and it’s way better than Starbucks.

6) No mowing. I’ve never mowed a lawn before. Not one blade of grass. I’ve never even started a lawn mower. And I’m okay with that.

7) Pictures. I’m an amateur photographer, as you probably already noticed. I decided when we moved into our home that I would not buy any pictures to hang on our walls. Any art displayed in our house is a picture that someone in our home has taken, with the exception of a print of one painting that I loved from a museum in Boston and some family pictures we had someone else take.

8) Almost 30. Yup, the big milestone is just around the corner. I practically have one foot in the grave…

Okay, since I recently tagged other people with this one, I’m going to be rebellious and ignore the rest of the rules.

And if you didn’t notice, in a spurt of creativity, I at least made each fact 8 letters long.



  1. Craver Vii

    Three layers of eight stitches?! That makes me want to fetch a paper bag, just thinking about it!

    “One foot in the grave” at 30?? Listen Junior…

  2. L.L. Barkat

    Such a wee little lassie!

    Do you ever play piano anymore?

    And, I think this was quite creative. I dont’ think I could have done the eight letter thing. (Too slothful, you know?)

  3. spaghettipie

    C – 24 stitches! A pretty traumatic event for a 10 year old to go through without her mother…and I knew the one foot in the grave comment would get a rise out of you old folks – um, I mean, more mature folks

    LL – I don’t own a piano, but I miss it greatly. On my last trip to visit my parents, I brought back my old Yamaha keyboard (talk about a flashback to the 80’s), and I’ve enjoyed playing it some. One of these days I’d like to get a real piano, though.

  4. Craver Vii

    Yeah, the 8-letter expressions were quite impressive. Hey, I’ve got an idea… Anybody got a box of toothpicks?

  5. spaghettipie

    TJ – So glad you stopped by. Oh, no, the 8-letter thing wasn’t that impressive…

    C – *hands him a box of toothpicks* Am I missing out on the joke here?

  6. spaghettipie

    Oh…can you believe I’ve actually never seen Rainman? Maybe that should be one of my facts next time I’m tagged…

  7. Craver Vii

    Let’s see if I can remember…
    They’re in a diner, and someone drops a box of toothpics. Rainman (the savant Raymond) glances briefly at the toothpics on the floor and says a number. (His uniqueness enabled him to count them that fast.)

    Unfortunatly, that level of genius also has drawbacks. Rainman, though uncanny in some mental tasks, was unable to perform other common mental functions considered necessary for an independent adult to survive day-to-day living.

    Hey, guess what… I went to a birthday party for a buddy this weekend. He turned 50. I was the baby of the bunch. Heh, heh!

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