Good times…

What could be more fun than your daughter throwing up in her carseat, two separate times, due to coughing?

Oh, yeah..Spending two hours in the local children’s hospital ER and getting home after midnight because your daughter needs more powerful breathing treatment than you can give her at home.

Throw in a healthy fear of nurses, doctors, respiratory specialists and all other hospital employees, uncontrollable sobbing off and on for an hour and a half, and you have yourself a REAL party.

It was so much fun, I felt left out that I’m the only one in the family without asthma…



  1. A Life Uncommon

    Oh Honey, been there done that a few times with my son. My dad had emphazema scary stuff. I have the asthma too. Watch out for exposure to the latex gloves. It did me in over time. I hope all is calmer today.

  2. "Bluebonnet in the snow"

    That TOTALLY explains why I didn’t see you at church this morning. Yucky night you had. I pray that the hospital meds are helping M breathe better.

  3. Craver Vii


    Can I tell you something funny? When my son threw up in my new-ish car a couple of years ago (at age 6), he apologized. He felt bad because of the CAR. It happened on the expressway in a spot where we just couldn’t pull over.

    I hope y’all get better soon.

  4. Katie

    Oh Tina, I’m so sorry. I missed you on sunday and now I know why. Prayers friend for you and Maddy.

  5. TJ Wilson

    That explains our lack of late-night chatting. Give that little one a kiss from auntie TJ.

  6. spaghettipie

    Thanks to everyone for your prayers and kinds words. Thankfully, it wasn’t really scary; she was just wheezy (after 4 breathing treatments in 3 hours), not unable to breathe. Interestingly, she’s slept better in the past two days than she has in the past year (those of you who knows us, know that’s a BIG deal)…she’s much better, albeit a little aggressive from the oral steroid.

  7. One More Writer

    Oh Tina! I’m just catching up on my blog reading. I so know that fear, even though we never actually ended up in the hospital. He didn’t have too many problems from about age 7-11, but last year he scared me after a football game so I’m getting his peak-flow checked this year for sure!

    Hang in there. God uses even this to keep us leaning on Him instead of ourselves.

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