Readin’ and Writin’

Since I have been pretty consumed with Mary’s blog tour and not really regular at posting the past couple weeks, I decided to accept D’Ann’s tag and complete the questionnaire. Enjoy!

1. What’s the one book or writing project you haven’t yet written but still hope to?
Oh, just one? I’ve got about 50 in my head and in my writing journal. I guess one would be about marriage and the concept of “two becoming one.” My working title is Marriage is a Merger, not an Acquisition.

2. If you had one entire day in which to do nothing but read, what book would you start with?
Well, since I have a shelf full of books on my “to read” list, I guess it would be Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s Life Together, since that one’s next.

3. What was your first writing “instrument” (besides pen and paper)?
Um, computer of course.

4. What’s your best guess as to how many books you read in a month?
Lately, about 3-4.

5. What’s your favorite writing “machine” you’ve ever owned?
“writing machine”? who wrote this thing? Maybe I’m just too young to be interesting on this one – again, a computer.

6. Think historical fiction: what’s your favorite time period in which to read? (And if you don’t read historical fiction–shame on you.)
I guess this one gets me back for making snarky comments on the last one, because I’ll have to just take the “shame on me”. Not really into historical fiction, sorry. I’ve never really tried it though, so I guess I’m open to suggestions.

7. What’s the one book you remember most clearly from your youth (childhood or teens)?
Ayn Rand’s The Fountainhead. Really impacted me as a teenager, challenged me to live out my faith despite what others around me said. And yes, I know she has some really messed up philosophies.

Okay, since I’m supposed to tag and all, let’s go with LL Barkat, TJ Wilson , Marcus and Michelle.



  1. spaghettipie

    MR – Thanks for stopping by the new place. Glad you like!

    A – Thanks, I kind of like it to! Now, I just have to write the book! Why the switch to WordPress? Because Marcus dragged me over to the “dark side.” No, really it offers much more flexibility and control, as well as has some cool features. I’ll show you sometime.

    MG – No problem; I do what I can. Not to mention, I thought of you when I read the very first question…

    LL – Of course, no rush. I’m praying for you!

  2. TJ Wilson

    Site looks great, as does the blog tour! I think you’re smirking as you write about the computer being your 1st writing tool…

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