Book Review: Authentic Parenting, Part I

As Marcus notes, there are so many things to share about Mary DeMuth’s latest book that it could take multiple posts. Let me start this week by sharing with you about Mary’s writing style before we get into the meat of the book.

What I loved about reading Mary’s book is that it felt more like a mentoring experience than reading words on a page. Mary shares many stories about her family, particularly from their time in France serving as missionaries. She also intersperses additional stories from friends about their parenting experiences. I walked away with practical ideas to implement and a sense that I had seen what it really looks like in a family. While she does include some lists, I love the fact that the premise of the book itself is not, “Seven Steps to Successful Parenting.” The tone is not preachy; rather, it gives both positive and negative examples to help you figure out what will work for your family.

Sample a taste of her work here. Enjoy!


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