Summary of APT Week Two

Christian Work at Home Moms-”Filled with day-to-day stories from DeMuth’s own life, this book is a powerful tool for any parent. The author is open and honest in such a refreshing way that I connected with her and didn’t want the book to end.”

Aspire2 Blog – “Here’s a quote from Mary’s book that I especially appreciated: ‘Coaching is different from showing or directing. A coach simply helps someone who wants to change to effect such a change.’ ”

Be a Barnabas – (Mary in response to how the book relates to single moms) “The book stresses the importance of going to Jesus first as the best way to parent…The key to great parenting isn’t our own parenting skills and prowess, it’s our ability to admit our weakness SO THAT Jesus can be strong.”

Dobsons 411 – “Mary DeMuth’s latest book, Authentic Parenting in a Postmodern Culture, is an honest look at raising children in a world where truth is relevant and black and white morality has blurred gray. She looks at how to live out truth today and demonstrates how to use the strengths of postmodern thinking to prepare our kids to live out their faith outside of home.”

Eleanor Joyce – “Reading through this book has made me uncomfortable at times. Being made to feel uncomfortable can be a good thing. When a position challenges my thinking, it’s an opportunity to grow…Reading Mary DeMuth’s book has been an invigorating change for me.”

Good Word Editing – “She offers parents practical resources (like SoulPerSuit, more on that later) and practical tips.
In fact, at one point in the book, I wrote in the margin, “I need to try this with Lyle.” Her tips were so applicable and engaging that they called me to action. They called me to change something about the way I interact with my kids.”

Preacher’s Daughter – “She (Mary) is truly one of those who has a grace and a peace about her. But an intensity too. Something that God gave her, some purpose that is being spilled forth into these books that she writes.”

Sky-High View – “Mary guides parents through her ongoing postmodern parenting journey, encouraging readers as they travel the same road…”

Spaghettipie – “What I loved about reading Mary’s book is that it felt more like a mentoring experience than reading words on a page.”

The Law, Books and Life – “But Mary DeMuth’s new book is making me think. So much that my brain almost hurts — but in a very good way…Mary invites us to come alongside her as she wrestles with the best way to prepare her kids for the culture around them.”

The Master’s Artist – “Mary E. DeMuth tackles the profound cultural shift taking place in the West and what it means for Christian parents in her latest book Authentic Parenting in a Post Modern Culture. Through her family’s experience in France…she examines how best to equip children to live out a Christian faith in a world very different from the one most Baby Boomers grew up in.”

The Surrendered Scribe – “Authentic is one word that I absolutely think who Mary is and what she does in her writing. I’m a better parent, person and writer from reading her work, even though I know those came at a hard cost for her in the experience department.”

The Surrendered Scribe – “I’ll be honest, the title of the book intimidated me at first, but I’m so glad I read it. If you want a candid parenting book from an author not looking down at you but instead is navigating right there with you, this book is for you. In my opinion, it belongs on any parent shelf next to anything Dr. Dobson has written. Seriously.”

Through My Window – “We ought to walk with our children, laugh with them, and train them to be independent citizens. Good parenting must be intentional. From that first infant cry we must keep their adult lives in focus and pass through the stages of letting them go and teaching them how to live in the world.”

Writer-lee – “Her premise was that she had to move out of her comfortable Christian home and explore the world in which her children would have to live – a world that was antagonistic to their faith. Mary admits she is a learner and invites the reader to journey with her as she explores and comes to conclusions.”


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