Day 1: Project Update

Well, this posting a picture of my project worked as pretty good motivation! Maybe I’ll do this every week…

Made a serious dent in it today (although not by noon, and not in perfect order…). Took two sacks of books to a nearby nursing home, two trash bags and one diaper box-full of stuff to Goodwill, put all of M’s clothes she’s outgrown into a storage container to go up in the attic, pulled out some blankets and things that need to go into the laundry, returned some dishes to the kitchen (no, they weren’t dirty. they are actually unclaimed dishes from two years ago when people brought us meals after M was born. and yes, I know that’s really bad) and got half way through organizing the myriad of DVDs and VHS tapes we have. Phew!

No picture until Friday, but I think it will be a NOTICEABLE difference.


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