Project Update (drumroll, please…)

Okay, here are the photos I took today from the exact same locations as before. I would like to point out that it is not midnight when I am posting this! Granted, there are a few things that still need to come out of there (like the bed, storage bin and exersaucer that belong in the attic), but if you recall, I did not promise to have the room totally complete. I can actually open the door all the way, too! And, no, I did not stash everything in another room or into the closet.

So, without further ado…here is the update.

Before (from the hallway):

After (from the hallway):

Before (from the back of the room):

After (from the back of the room):



  1. spaghettipie

    A – Thanks! Didn’t invest a penny. That was strictly cleaning stuff out and organizing it into space and containers I already owned.

    RG – 🙂

    C – Actually, we’re having a Best of Barbecue Taste Test in a couple weeks…y’all are welcome to join!

    LM – No time like the present!

  2. I like seeing empty spots that remind me of carpet! Makes me feel like I’m making progress – right now my “piles” of papers are overwhelming – both at home and at the office!

  3. Wow! I am truly impressed. And motivated. I unofficially started cleaning up my guest room (aka dumping grounds) last week. Of course I asked you about before/after pictures, but didn’t take any of my own (that’s what happens when it’s unofficial).

  4. spaghettipie

    S – I laughed when I looked at the pictures and realized that in the first photo you don’t even see the TV and the windows!

    AMM – Thanks! hmmm, unofficial, huh? Does that it unofficially may or may not get done?

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