Project 2

As soon as I realized posting a picture of my project last week was indeed motivating, I knew which project would be next. Part of me hesitated because I’d really have to be accountable now. But part of me knew that’s what I really needed. You see, I’ve been working on this project off and on all summer. The trouble is, whenever I “take a break” from it (or it rains…and rains, and rains) then I practically have to start all over again. Take it from me. If you ever begin to think you want a stone porch with pretty patches of miniature mondo grass to make it look all natural…run to the nearest store and buy concrete!

Guess what it is yet? (Craver, you probably want to either sit down or maybe just skip this post all together…)

Weeding this:

You can see where I’ve started and worked hard to keep up here:

But that was after several “re-starts” and me being tired of starting completely over every time. The timing should work out well because we’re having a party here in a couple weekends. Truthfully, I sort of like weeding. There’s something cathartic about it, and I like seeing how clean the porch looks afterwards. (And if I were LL, well, I’d be able to feed my family for a year on what I pull up…)

Okay, I’m getting on the gloves and going to work! New pictures on Friday!



  1. spaghettipie

    …and my mother is appalled that I would post a picture of my “horrendous weeds” *hee hee*

  2. Oh! You are quite amusing. I don’t have any recipes for grass, but grasses are actually edible as far as I know. I prefer the wild blackberries, raspberries and lemony oxalis (a.k.a. shamrocks).

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  4. spaghettipie

    LL – Yes, I think I’d prefer berries to weedy grasses too…

    D – The mondo grass is supposed to be our sort of ground cover. I’ve thought about trying to plant another groundcover to help keep the weeds out, but I’m afraid of it covering up too much of the stone.

    MG – Oh, I don’t think I’d like having stickerburrs. Sounds like a “pain” to eliminate.

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