Summary of APT Week Three

Mis-fits – (Mary, in offering ten ways to make your home a haven) “The most haven-producing thing I do as a mommy is simply to read to my kids.”

Actual Unretouched Photo – “…while reading it (Authentic Parenting) reminded me of my many short-comings as a parent, I like Mary’s writing and her thinking. I felt encouraged by her stories and ideas.”

Bluebonnet in the Snow – “. . . I was amazed at how many of the practical ways that Mary provided for parents to use with their children would benefit individuals who don’t have children by allowing them to draw closer to Christ in their own spiritual walk.”

Child of Divorce/Child of God – (Mary, in an interview) “Today’s kids want reality, authenticity. They’re skeptical. What reaches them? Our authenticity. Our connectedness to God in such a way that invites fellowship.”

Geaux2Girl – “Writing it while she and her family were missionaries in France, Mary gleaned from that challenging situation some fascinating truths about parenting.”

RappFamilyAixtremeLife – (Mary, in an interview) “The question for parents is how will we mine the current worldview, even as it shifts? What in it can we embrace as biblical? What is not biblical? What I’ve seen in the church is a fearful adherence to what is familiar. So we cling to modern ideas, even though they may not be biblical and shun postmodern ideas even when they might be biblical.”

Ripples and Reflections – “Mary shares insight that brings us to the heart of “Christ-like” parenting. She addresses the important issues of truth, honesty, community, refuge, encouragement, grace, forgiveness, purpose and selfish abandon, as we nurture our children and lead them through the example of our own journey with Christ!”

So Many Books – (Mary, in an interview) “But through it all, I realized that Jesus calls us all to be engaged in the culture we live in, yet not to be stained by it. That’s the beauty of engagement and purity.”

Tiffany Colter – (Mary on what the book is about) “. . . it’s about parents learning to fall in love with Jesus, and then mentoring their kids (through example) to do the same.”

Toni V. Lee – (Mary, in an interview) “We are all frail, needy humans. If we present ourselves as perfect parents, never failing, always doing this correctly, we show our children we have no need of Jesus.”


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