This one’s for you, Mom!

To: Spaghettipie
From: Motherpie
Subject: Your blog

My precious daughter! (this is how moms address their adult children when they do something they disapprove of, and can no longer use the favorite three name address)

I cannot believe that you actually put pictures of your horrendous weeds on
your blog for the world to see!!!!!!! You’ve got guts, sister!

Love Mom


To: Motherpie
From: Spaghettipie
Subject: My blog

Mother dearest, (this is how you address your mother when you’re an adult, but still need to explain your reckless behavior)

Turns out, accountability is an effective motivator for me. Well, that and an email from my mom…Had I not published pictures of said horrendous weeds, I would have stayed inside during the last four days of 98+ degree weather. I would’ve done a better job keeping up with my friends’ blogs, and might have written a couple insightful posts of my own. But I would not be able to post the following pictures, a whole day early!

Love, Me

Phew! If we weren’t NOT spending money, I’d have to go congratulate myself with a snow cone or something. Too bad I don’t know a snow cone stand owner who could hook a hard-working girl up…



  1. Mom

    Okay! I’m impressed! And now I can set aside all recent thoughts, such as, “I’ve got to go help my daughter – she’ll never pull this off herself.” Whew!

  2. You did a fantastic job!!! I sure hope your snowcone friend rewards your great work; if she doesn’t come through, you can have my freebie card because I haven’t made it there yet.

  3. Your weeding is impressive but not as impressive as when I looked at your side bar and thought it said “Pounds Lost Since August” 62007.

    I laughed at first and thought it obviously a typo. Then realized that it was MY error.

    Good job on the weeds. I had forgotten how out of control the weeds there can get!

  4. OK – so I’m a bit confused – is there supposed to be grass (or whatever green that is) growning between the flagstones or not – I actually think it looks pretty cool there iwth the textures contrasting.

  5. spaghettipie

    Mom – Yup, you can just come visit your granddaughter without having to pull weeds!

    A – Thanks! I’m hoping she’ll come through 🙂

    M – Um, yea. I’m not seeing that happening in the near future. Why don’t you post a picture of it on your blog and you do it? *laughing*

    K – Oh, my. Considering I don’t think I could ever weight that much without dying, that’d be one heck of a roller coaster ride of losing weight! No, the answer is ZERO…but I should have good news to post on Monday provided I don’t blow it over the weekend.

    S – YES! That’s miniature mondo grass, and it’s the reason why we have the weeds growing (kind of). We were going for a more “natural” look, but weren’t thinking about the natural look of weeds when we chose it over concrete…

  6. So, now I’m more confused – you’re trying to kill the grass you put in to start with by pulling it out? I’m thinking there are chemicals for that – but please don’t tell LL as she would not approve!

    I need to be pulling real weeds today – but I can tell it’s going to be nasty hot and I have so much paperwork to do also and errands that I’m thinking that the thisles that are invading my flower beds need to wait at least until almost dark-thirty to be addressed. If I go out now (10am) all the paperwork that will get done today is by osmosis from nappy land!

  7. spaghettipie

    S – Nope, not pulling out the mondo grass, which is why we didn’t just nuke the whole thing. The pictures on this post are the “finished” pictures. Check out the previous post (Project 2) to see what it was like before with all the “horrendous weeds.” Have fun with your paperwork and weeds!

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