Stewardship Goals: Week One

Well, it’s been a week since I posted our stewardship goals, and so far, I think it’s going really well. I’ve added a separate page with my goals (some revised to be more specific), and haven’t decided yet where I’ll post my updates on how we’re doing.

So far, I think the financial goals have been the hardest. What I’ve learned is that when I’m bored, I spend money. Fortunately, our memberships, play dates and our community pool provide quite a bit of free entertainment. However, I realized that when I have a window of time that’s long enough that I don’t want to sit at home, but short enough that it can’t be too involved, my tendency is to go buy something (snow cones, smoothies, etc). My husband did great at taking his lunch to work or coming home to eat. But when the weekend came, it was really tempting to go out to eat instead of cooking. But we did it! No extra dollars spent.

Eating has been better, but I also realized I needed some more specific goals. So, I’ve refined those for this week. The only area I really fell down in this week was sleep. I need to get into the habit of going to bed earlier.
As you’ve already noticed, I completed one big project. I’ve identified several smaller ones for this week, so I look forward to getting those done. I’m not sure if I’ll tackle any big purging this week since we have people coming over this weekend.

Relationship building takes time. I have gotten back into gear trying to get some people scheduled to come over, though.

Overall, it still feels really good. Even though all of my habits have not changed yet (I didn’t expect them to in one week, of course!) I feel like the mindset is definitely shifting. I’m much more aware of my role as a steward, and I think I’m taking it a lot more seriously. I’ve also had a few good conversations with friends about it as well. On to week two!



  1. I like how you’ve taken time to think things through and set goals on a large scale. I tend to notice one area and get going on that, but neglect the rest. And I like how you’re sharing your progress. It’s motivating and encouraging (I don’t quite have the freedom in my schedule for following your example yet, but the desire is there).
    Thanks for sharing! And God bless your continued progress and refining of goals.

  2. spaghettipie

    AMM – Thanks! That’s totally what I’ve done in the past: set goals in one area and forgetting the rest. I think the bottom line is to consider what kind of goals are reasonable for you, given your schedule, and setting them. We can all become better stewards of what we’ve been entrusted!

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