Summary of APT Week Four

Almost Hypergraphic – “I am highly cynical, constantly critical, and desperate for a new creation that will change me into something bigger, better, more worthwhile. I wonder what bearing my postmodernism will have on my daughter.”

Ask Mean Mom – “DeMuth shares how she has come to terms with the culture our children are growing up in and, rather than being frightened of it, shares how she adapts her parenting to the culture. That is something that I appreciated and hadn’t given a lot of thought to.”

Audra Marie – (Mary, in an interview) “Good parenting flows from the inside out. The best thing we can do for our kids is to run to Jesus and have Him move us, heal us, help us, empower us.”

Blogging for Writers – “I thought it was so cool to be able to go “behind the scenes” in a writer’s life because of technology. The blog tour is another example of how she’s using the internet to reach new readers and communicate with fans.”

Camy’s Loft – (Mary, in an interview)“I help parents learn how to walk alongside their kids, intersecting their world (and understanding it), as well as how to model authentic, vital Christianity in an irresistible way.”

Coming Home – (Mary, in an interview) “For me, for my children, that’s my prayer, that we’d be simply and purely devoted to Jesus no matter what worldview we find ourselves in.”

Edgewise – (Mary, in an interview) “The parent in a postmodern world has to learn how to translate the gospel to a generation that is highly skeptical, and balks at the idea of knowing all truth. In this storytelling generation, we need to learn how to approach our kids with stories alongside Biblical truth.”

Fresh Brewed Writer – “. . . she (Mary) continues to pursue the writing life while spreading the word about postmodernism awareness in the context of Christianity. Let’s face it, folks, we can no longer bury our heads in the sand about the world around us.”

Good Word Editing – “In a publishing world filled with Bible studies that provide two or three lines of space for response, Mary’s meditations on each phrase demonstrate what it looks like when absolute truth becomes personal.”

Heather in Madrid – (Mary, in an interview)“More than anything, I want my kids to be Christ followers, not culture followers. I want them to be infatuated with Jesus and His kingdom. Most of that comes through the bread and butter art of modeling my own love for Jesus.”

Lexical Light – “. . . the subtitle, “Practical Help for Shaping Your Children’s Hearts, Minds and Souls,” assures you it’s not merely a lofty, idealogical book on parenting. Instead, it’s quite user friendly.”

Mother Inferior – “We as modern parents can learn so much from the DeMuths struggle to integrate honest faith into every single aspect of their lives–and, in doing so, impact their world for Christ.”

Pattie’s Place – (Mary, in an interview) “But through it all, I realized that Jesus calls us all to be engaged in the culture we live in, yet not to be stained by it. That’s the beauty of engagement and purity.”

Portrait of a Writer. . . Interrupted – (Mary, in an interview) “Basically, the premise of the book is falling in love with Jesus, that parenting is more about our vital relationship to Him than it is about following a set of parenting rules. . . That applies universally, to every relationship we face, even our relationship with potty-training toddlers.”

Seedlings in Stone – “I’m puzzling… do we have a sense of things being “true or false”? Authentic or inauthentic? Why does this matter to us, or doesn’t it?”

Spoiled for the Ordinary – “Authentic Parenting is a well-crafted resource for parents in considering their parenting skills and how to raise our kids to deal with the new world that is still in process of developing. Like any book, there are going to be points you may not fully agree with Mary on – so eat the meat and spit out the bones. Don’t choke on them, because you’ll miss good nourishment for your parenting life.”

They Hang Like Paper Lanterns – (Mary, in an interview) “Just love Jesus. He transcends cultural shift. Dare to be all about the Kingdom of God, following hard after Him. That’s what we live for, anyway. That ‘well done, good and faithful servant.’ ”

Traveling Together – “I was also challenged reading this book because I was shown that I have often mistaken protection for parenting. . . I don’t think I’m alone in not fully trusting God with my children. We say that we’ve given our children back to the Lord, but we try to control so much of their lives that we are showing them (and the world) that we don’t trust Him with our children.”

Writer. . . Interrupted(Mary, in an interview) “It’s about learning how to parent our kids in a winsome, authentic way, so that our kids are well-prepared to face life when they leave home.”


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