Word to the Wise

If you decide to stop blogging, you might go ahead and just keep your blog up and not post. Just know that if you delete your blog, someone else could take your domain name and turn it into a “revealing” (and I don’t mean intellectually) blog. . .

PS – Sorry for the lack of postings. All spare time has gone into getting my kitchen back in order. Update tomorrow. . .

PSS – No, the above experience did not happen to me, but to someone I know.



  1. I’ll keep that in mind! 😉

    And you’ve inspired me. Yesterday I reorganized MY tupperware cupboard too. (It looked even worse than yours!) It’s catchy, though. I couldn’t just stop with one. In fact, I’m hoping to get a couple of drawers done before anyone else is awake…

    How shallow am I that I cut my quiet time short to organize a JUNK DRAWER? (Don’t answer that.)

  2. spaghettipie

    LM – Good job on the tupperware cupboard! It’s amazing how quickly that particular cupboard can go awry.

    LL – I’m not totally sure. The name of the blog is certainly not something you’d have associated with that kind of site, so the person had to be banking on visitors trying to find the original site. . .
    MG – Pretty much!

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