Project 3 Update

Well, let me start by saying I’m not done yet. I still have to clean the dishwasher, fridge, oven, under the sink and pantry. I also need to clean out and reorganize the pantry and under the sink. BUT, I have cleaned out, cleaned and organized all of the other cabinets and drawers in my kitchen. If you’ve ever been in my kitchen, you know that’s a lot of cabinets! I was even able to clear out a couple cabinets for my husband to use for all of his grilling gadgets and supplies. I think I moved 85% of the cabinet and drawer contents around, so we’re still adjusting to that change. Hopefully it will be better now, though, as the majority of the time I could never remember what was in each drawer anyway.

Here’s a picture of the same tupperware cabinet I posted:

Yup! I moved all of the tupperware to a different place. (And yes, I need that many serving platters. Hey, I entertain a lot; I need options!) Now the tupperware is stored here:

Slightly crowded, but in a confined space that I think will help contain the insanity.

I hope to be completely done with the kitchen this weekend. I already know what my next project will be, but I’m not even going to tell until I really have to. . . but it will make my mother very proud!



  1. spaghettipie

    AMM – No, who’s the flylady? She sounds vaguely familiar. And thanks! Once you get going, it kind of gets addictive.

    K – *takes a bow* Why thank you. Sure, if you wanna fly me out there and feed me some of that yummy foccacia you’ve been posting about. . .

  2. Wow. Quite impressive! You’ve given me a glimpse of how I might feel if I ever do mine. 😉

    The flylady and the organizer lady are different – right? I know the oranizer lady (Sandra Fulton) writes all the “messies” books.

  3. This post contains the phrase: “contain the insanity.” I imagine that will create a lot of new blog traffic for you. …or just attract the crazies.

  4. spaghettipie

    A – Most definitely. I’m more than happy to share!

    TJ – Thanks, lady.

    T – Glad you came back. I think they are different, but am not sure.

    C – Well, by the looks of those leaving comments, I’d say you’re right! 🙂 Just kidding, of course!

  5. Hey. Just wanted to follow up on this. I started my pantry/laundry room/basement this weekend. I’ve not accomplished much but am already thrilled with the improvements!! Unfortunately, I didn’t take a “before” picture, so no one will ever know the expanse of change, but … well, who wants proof of the slob that I can be anyway? 🙂 Just wanted to say “thanks for the spur!”

  6. spaghettipie

    T – Good for you! It feel so good just to see forward progress. I’ve taken a hiatus for the past week and a half and need to get back on the wagon!

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