Sir, when you chose your line to check out in today, did you read the sign above that said “10 items or less” above it, really? Did you think about the number of times you took something off the shelf and put it into your basket, or did you pause to glance at the contents your shopping cart? Because I think you would have noticed you had way more than 10 items in there. In fact, you had 26 items. Did you think I wasn’t counting the 26 times the register beeped while I stood holding my one item, really? Were you just rebelling against the sign because it said “10 items or less” instead of “10 items or fewer”? Or did you even know that was grammatically incorrect? Really? And I’m curious to know why you volunteered to bag your own items. Was it because you felt the pressure of the people standing in line behind you, waiting for your 26 items to be purchased, while we all adhered to the sign, really? Or was it because you needed all those extra bags that you used to double and triple bag your items? Do you ever think about the environment, really? So, Mr-26-items-and-I-don’t-care-man, while I appreciate your sage advice that “credit cards lead to trouble” and “if you pay cash you can just be done with it,” I would rather you take your plethora of products to a line that doesn’t have a designated limit. Really.



  1. That very thing makes me crazy too. The only thing that would make it worse is if he had coupons. Why do I always get behind the sweet coupon-clipper who wants to argue with the checker person about whether or not that is a double coupon. OR, “Wait! That is a coupon for 10 cents off THREE products, and I only grabbed TWO, I’ll just run to the very back of the store and pick that one item up while the rest of you who are wasting money buying items at full price can also waste your time too.”

    OH yeah, and I always, ALWAYS, pick the s-l-o-w-e-s-t line too. So if you see me don’t hop into my line, we’ll be there awhile.

    Whew! I never realized I had checker-line issues too!

  2. spaghettipie

    A – Well, in truth, I came off much more annoyed than I really was because I fashioned my post after an SNL skit. BUT. . . I was in a hurry and didn’t appreciate having to wait.

    K – Ouch. That would definitely drive me nuts. Particularly with a squirmy toddler in my cart.

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