Summary of APT Week Five

Almost Hypergraphic – “The idea, I believe, is to exchange fear-based parenting with faith-based: we have to trust ourselves and our kids and above all, we have to trust in that grace that covers all our mistakes and sins.”

Chat ‘n’ Chew Cafe – (Mary, in an interview) “Favorite Outfit as a Child: A polyester (peach!) pantsuit my friend Pam’s mom MADE for me.”

Experiencing the Journey – “Creating a safe environment for our kids to question, be supported, and to share helps them to struggle and begin to own their beliefs. By doing this, their roots grow deep and are not easily swayed or damaged. They will then be empowered to reach out with the tools they need to lead, influence and shape the people around them.”

wide-eyed fiction – (Mary, in an interview) “. . . model your own relationship with Jesus for your children, encourage each of them as they pursue Him, and walk alongside them when they start straying toward the culture. Above all, pray, and keep communication lines way open.”

I Wish You Enough – “Christian parents can pitch their tent between communion with God and engagement in the world.”

Leanna Ellis – (Mary, in an interview) “Teach your children to joyfully engage their world, while holding tightly to Jesus’ hand. Teaching this comes primarily from modeling it in your own life. Do you engage your neighbors? Are you more interested in God’s kingdom than your own?”

Margaret Daley – (Mary, in an interview) “For me, for my children, that’s my prayer, that we’d be simply and purely devoted to Jesus no matter what worldview we find ourselves in.”

Partners in Prayer for our Prodigals – “Authentic Parenting in a Postmodern Culture is an important book for every parent who wants to empower their children at any age to better ‘engage with the people who populate the world.’ ”

raindancer’s map of memories – 1 – “Mary speaks of authentic parenting from the standpoint of a parent who is just like us. I like how her openness and her honesty allow me room to admit I’m a parent in progress…a parent desiring to be the best parent I can be in the midst of a society whose culture doesn’t resemble the culture I grew up in.”

raindancer’s map of memories – 2 – “As I read through the chapters of this book, I found myself touched by this mom who shares her own fears, her hopes, her failures and her moments of vulnerability. I am reminded too of the strength of stories and how the sharing of life experiences can be life giving.”

Robyn’s Ramblings – “(Authentic Parenting. . . ) is a book that looks to my relationship with my kids, rather than following a model. It is not a “hands off” approach, but rather a “holding hands” approach. It’s a book that shows parents how to lead their child’s hand in an authentic way and ultimately put it into the hand that desperately reaches out for it: the nail scarred hand of Jesus.”

See Ya on the Net – (Mary, in an interview) “. . . I remind myself of my friend Jeanne’s son Jacob, whose heart after Jesus takes my breath away. Living with a brain injury, Jacob throws off pretense as he worships God, arms vaulted to the sky in unashamed heart worship.”

Sometimes I Feel Like a Piece of Bologna – “I realized that many of her tips are also useful for parenting our parents. If we can remember to be authentic with them, to ask questions, and not be as dogmatic as we might be tempted to be, we’ll find that we get along better with our parents.”

Sormag Tours – (Mary, in an interview) “Take seriously the mandate that you are responsible for the soul-nurturing of your children.”

The Authentic You – (Mary, in an interview) “I don’t parent perfectly. But, we did live through two and half years in France, the hotbed of hyper-postmodernity. We had to learn how to parent our kids in that culture. It occurred to me that the things we learned would be helpful to American parents too.”

The Spiritual Mom – 1 – “What I found the most intriguing after reading this book, is that it confirms that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. . . Mary reminds readers that as Christians we make Christ our absolute Truth. . . We follow Jesus Christ—The Truth—who remains the same no matter the time period or culture.”

The Spiritual Mom – 2 – “Mary DeMuth’s Authentic Parenting in a Postmodern Culture not only provides parents with practical ways to steer their children towards God, but she challenges readers to embrace a life of obedience. How refreshing to hear someone write about the “cost” of following Christ.”

Why Didn’t You Warn Me? – “This book would make a great discussion guide for a parenting group, especially for parents of school age children.”


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