Summary of APT Week Six – “Authentic Parenting in a Post-Modern Culture is not a theoretical treatise on parenting. It’s a hands-on, practical guide to navigating the waters of modern parenting. And it also tells a story. Mary and Patrick’s heart for their children is revealed through the stories and examples Mary shares.”

A Peek at My Bookshelf – “Our world is changing; our gospel message is not. And it should not. But how we communicate it to our children must change if we are to impact them for Christ.”

A Peek at My Bookshelf – “Our world is changing; our gospel message is not. And it should not. But how we communicate it to our children must change if we are to impact them for Christ.”

Ane Mulligan – (Mary, in an interview) “Dare to believe that God has much to teach you through your kids. Be humble enough to learn from them.”

Declaring His Marvelous Work – “One of my favorite authors. . .Mary DeMuth, just released a book for those of us who long to raise our strong, Godly kids in a not-so-godly world.”

Five Bazillion and One – “It also involves seeing our children as valuable not only for who they are but for how God uses them to teach us more about Him and more about the life of faith. . . By using creative, everyday things, we can ground our children in the truth of the Word of God and nurture their souls, preparing them to do the work God has for them in this broken world.”

Generaton NeXt Parenting – (Mary, in an interview) “. . .I realized that Jesus calls us all to be engaged in the culture we live in, yet not to be stained by it.”

GraceReign – “Central to everything Mary communicates is her impassioned desire to raise children who know and love Jesus and are equipped to share Him with the world. . . She also challenges parents to personal growth, encouraging them to see their children’s behaviors as windows into their own spiritual life.”

Holy Experience – “This book fires the neurons in the gray matter…and stirs the soul. A book that makes one think, on a number of levels. And that is what a good book does. One may not entirely agree on all points, but one is sharpened, compelled to ruminate and seek the Lord further.”

Hopeful Happenings – “I highly recommend the book to anyone wanting to experience authentic relationships, period. . . We can all stand to learn how to hang onto the benefits of our past while engaging in the present – helping to create a better future.”

In the Dailies – 1 – “This book is about consistent Christ-filled parenting in spite of the culture. . . The difference between this book and other parenting books discussing culture is the persistence of absolute truth. . . As Christian parents, we must instill the knowledge and respect of this Truth in our children while preparing them to live in a culture that refuses to acknowledge it.”

In the Dailies – 2 – “. . .my parental guilt is gone! I no longer have this nagging whisper that I must do everything perfectly or that, if my weaknesses show, I’m truly a failure. The book has flooded me with grace and reinforced tools to provide greater freedom and stability to my family.”

Leap of Faith – “She (Mary) does an excellent job of demystifying what’s going on in your child’s mind and explains how to engage your child or teen in meaningful conversation rather than alienating them by just giving orders.”

Lift My Noise – “Mary did not grow up in a spiritually & emotionally harmonious home, which is something she writes about with candor. So the fact that she is writing (and selling!) parenting books illustrates this truth – that through her suffering and wandering, the Lord has divinely taught Mary and her husband some foundational truths and insights to pass on to others. And she’s faithful to that calling.”

Llama Momma – “And as my children grow and become increasingly independent, I pray for the courage to lovingly guide them on their journeys, but ultimately, to trust God. He loves my kids even more than I do. This book is a beautiful reminder to me today, the second day of Kindergarten for the noisy boys: God is faithful.”

Sprightly – “As parents journeying alongside our children through a postmodern world, this concept of pitching our tent between communion with God and engagement in the world should encourage us.”

Write on the Edge – “A life jacket is designed to keep you afloat until help arrives. In this case Mary’s book takes you the first several, important steps, keeping your head above water as you learn a new cultural vocabulary and process through the implications of rethinking your worldview – and the one your children are being immersed in. As always, the rest is up to you.”


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