Amazing. . .

My daughter turns two years old this Saturday. I’ve been fascinated to watch how she learns, particularly compared to her peers. For example, my daughter understands many feelings, is extremely verbal and is very good with names. However, she gets colors confused, only counts to three and can’t even begin to identify any letters. Some of her friends are just the opposite; they know their basic colors, do some counting and can identify many letters but aren’t nearly as verbal and don’t identify feelings. I don’t say this to compare who’s ahead or behind, but to merely point out the differences in learning styles. It’s just interesting to see what each child picks up on first.

All that to say, she has completely blown me away today. This afternoon, out of the blue, she played her fridge phonics (which sings the alphabet) and sang along with it. All 26 letters. At least five or six times in a row! When her dad put her to bed tonight, I hear her over the monitor start saying her alphabet. She made it all the way to V, at which point she stopped and applauded. The majority of the letters were pronounced correctly, with just a few that sounded a bit off. Then she proceeded to recite her numbers from 1 to 10. Now, I don’t know if this is a fluke or if she’ll ever do it upon request, but I know she’s learning and that’s amazing. . .

Photo: Ta-da! (2007)



  1. Oh how fun to hear her do that. They will often ebb and flow as they learn getting strong in an area and then moving over to learn another thing. There is so much to know. She sounds wonderful!

  2. What a sweetie! They grow up quick don’t they? How blessed she is to have such proud parents! She will always need you to be impressed with her achievements…

    The greatest part? She will never stop amazing you! That is what makes parenting so rewarding!

  3. spaghettipie

    LL – Aw, thanks. She is indeed delightful.

    MEH – Can you believe she’s almost two? Seems like yesterday I put her on your couch and wasn’t even worried about her rolling off. Now she’d be climbing up the back of your couch to get onto the kitchen counters (oh wait, she does that at my house!)

    D – We never do stop learning, do we?

    C – Okay, that’s hilarious! Since I knew what she was doing when I took the picture, I never thought of it looking like that. . . but now that you mention it, all she needs is a big mustache and a Spanish accent!

    A – Now I don’t know about that genius talk. . .

    K – I am in constant awe of her and it’s fun to think it doesn’t stop. . . even when they leave crayons in your car to melt all over the place!

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