Story Time

My daughter (after reading my last post, I suppose) decided to broaden my understanding of the word “amazing” today. We visited our local library for toddler story time. She loves to sing the songs, but still has trouble staying interested in the actual stories. Normally, she is content to try out each chair along the wall or spin in circles or wiggle around in the same general vicinity.

Not today.

I suppose it’s because she slept in later than usual and hadn’t had enough time yet to burn off her fresh energy. We didn’t even make it past the first story before we went into the general area of the library. Her grandmother attended with us, and thankfully she helped me corral my child (and maintain my sanity). She ran up and down the length of the entire library, shrieking with delight. She stopped at each end to drink from the water fountains. To my horror, one of them was not draining very well, and since she was struggling to push the button and lean forward to drink at the same time, my daughter found the filled water fountain much more convenient to put her face in. (GAG!) She played peek-a-boo among the stacks of books. She ran, squealing, some more. She made a couple attempts to escape out of the automatic sliding doors.

The energy that girl has? Amazing. . .



  1. you just gotta quit logging in as your old self – because my comments on sanity are on the old blog – or rather, my comments about lack of sanity……..

    the worst public humiliation ever from a small child – we had this rather short and round, godly and serious pastor who reached down to shake the hand of my 6 year old son after the service – Christopher reached up and gave him the hardest, loudest high 5 ever heard in the foyer of that austere Baptist church – and shocked the poor pastor who I don’t think had ever been high 5’d in his life! So, I can sympathize with shreiking small children in public!!

  2. michelle

    We have had more than our share of dirty librarian looks. They don’t like it so much when your kid runs shreiking up and down all the aisles….and then starts pulling books off the shelf by the dozen.

  3. spaghettipie

    S – Yes, I know! I’m getting better about doing that now. 🙂

    M – Ah, mine doesn’t actually pull books off the shelves, but she does look for empty spots to climb through the shelves. . .

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