Getting Greener


Well, I took the plunge today; I bought cloth diapers. I figure, why wait? Might as well start now with my daughter rather than just wait until the next one. My husband is a little nervous about it, but I am WAY excited to try them.

Among the other things I’ve started are the following, some of which I might have already mentioned:

  • Joined a food co-op. First pick up is next week, so I’ll have more thoughts about it then.
  • Probably going to start grinding my own grain.
  • Making my own bread once a week. Made tortillas tonight and they were great!
  • We finished our month of not spending, but we’ve decided to at least continue with limiting going out to eat. We’re trying to really make it a special treat (and I think it’s working!)
  • Using cloth napkins and dishrags rather than paper products. We opened a roll of paper towels over a week ago and aren’t even half way through it.

It’s kind of fun going green!

Photo: Fuzzy green plant, Mount Hermon, CA (2007)



  1. Such wonderful strides.

    Here, I tried the month of not spending, then tried turning it into three more months and so on. We have literally saved thousands of dollars, which I would not have thought possible seeing how frugal I thought we already were.

    To help with the restaurant issue, I started doing special days… pancakes on Saturday mornings, nights of fresh mozzarella with garden tomatoes (I’m a virtually non-dairy house, so this is a splurge!) Funny, but now we look forward to special days IN instead of OUT. And isn’t that surprising and beautiful in its own way?

    I am really excited to watch your new journey. If you could pinpoint your main reasons for taking the plunge into green, what would they be?

  2. spaghettipie

    RG – Thanks for the offer!

    LL – I love your idea! We may have to implement that here. The main reason really is tied to stewardship. As I read blogs (like yours, Charity’s and my friend Ted’s), books (like the Irresistible Revolution) and considered my life as something I’ve been entrusted with, I realized the need to be more intentional about how I managed every aspect of my life. When you view it that way, environmental issues become spiritual issues, financial issues become spiritual issues, time management becomes a spiritual issue, and so forth. How about you?

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