Two down. . .

I don’t know why everyone looked at me like I was crazy when I said we were hosting a “painting party” for my daughter’s (and her friend’s) second birthday. Toddlers and paint is WAY FUN. The party was a hit, and another couple friends are already talking about doing it for their daughters’ birthdays next year.

I can hardly believe we’re celebrating the end of her second year of life. Everyone tells you when you that time flies by, but you don’t realize the reality of that statement until you actually have kids. And at this age, so much happens developmentally in a year. Why last year, she had just learned to walk and this year she’s running, jumping and climbing. Last year, she still babbled, and this year she’s already telling me she wants to do things by herself. Time does indeed fly by, but boy are we having fun!

Photos: Painting Party (2007)



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  2. Now that there is absolutely nothing in my backyard, maybe our writers’ group could have a painting party with us plus the kiddos to decorate my backyard fence. What say ye?

  3. spaghettipie

    LM – Thanks! It was a lot of fun.
    A – I’d say if you actually want paint on your fence, my child may not be the most effective choice. She tends to get more on herself! 🙂

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