A tough question

They are more desirable than gold, yes, than much fine gold; Sweeter also than honey and the drippings of the honeycomb. Moreover, by them Your servant is warned; In keeping them there is great reward. Psalm 19:10-11

Our pastor preached on Psalm 19:7-14 this Sunday, and his discussion of verses 10-11 made a huge impact on my view of Scripture. He began with the idea that to be “truth-centered,” we must believe the Bible to be the very words of God. (2 Timothy 3:16 tells us that all Scripture is God-breathed. . . ) He then laid out in verses 7-9 the characteristics of God’s word and the implications of those characteristics. Then we got to verses quoted above. Here are my notes:

Therefore (based upon the truth laid out in verses 7-9), we are passionate about the text.

  • The value of the text is unparalleled. Just as gold is of extreme value, and a warning is of great value, God’s Word provides us with stability and security.
  • The pleasure from the text is unsurpassed. During Biblical times, honey was a delicacy. No other food brought greater pleasure than the sweet taste of honey. And the psalmists states that keeping God’s word brings reward.

So the text – God’s very words – should bring us stability and security, as well as pleasure (in fact, the ultimate satisfaction and enjoyment). These should be big motivators for valuing the Word of God and being passionate about the Bible.

Now here’s the kicker. My pastor then said, what if you hold a 10 million dollar check in one hand and the Bible in the other and someone tells you that you must drop one; which one would you drop? What we choose to hold in our hands shows our values, our theology. Do we really believe that the Word of God alone can satisfy and protect us? Even a hesitation gives some indication as to where our hearts lie. As I talked about this with my husband tonight, I told him that even if I chose to hold the Bible, it would be because it’s the “right” answer not because I view the Bible as my protection and my greatest pleasure.

My desire is to come to a place where I would chose to hold the Bible because nothing else could be of greater value to me. I’m not there, but I’m much more aware of where I am now. I think I’ll start with making it a priority to meditate on Scripture every day.

What would you be left holding?



  1. My first thought was: “I’d drop the Bible because I know I have ten more at home. I don’t have a $10M check anywhere else.” Besides, I could use my newly granted wealth to purchase more! πŸ™‚

    But if that were the only Bible in existence, I would have to choose the Bible — not because that’s the right answer and not necessarily because I am confident of God’s protection and provision for me. I would choose the Bible because I am emotionally attached to it. I can’t imagine living without it. Even though I sometimes have my doubts and questions about what it says, I know it is true and I know the God who wrote it is real. Knowing Him is worth more than a million of those checks.

  2. My first thought was similar to Tanya’s. I’d drop the bible because I could buy another one or 1,000 with my check.

    Now, if the question were what would I drop for eternity, or for the good of my family, that would bring a different answer. The bible really is priceless in these arenas.

  3. spaghettipie

    LL – It is priceless, isn’t it? And yet personally, I struggle to live as though that is true. We talked in our small group tonight how often we take for granted even having a complete copy of the Bible!

    Craver – Now that would be a trick! πŸ™‚

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