I’m not sure if my daughter read this article and was inspired to begin training now or if she just has a climbing gene coursing through her blood. This week after story time at the library, we walked over to the children’s section to peruse the books. Well, I perused the books while my daughter crawled through the stacks and ran circles. I finally corralled her to one area and scanned the book titles in front of me. In that brief moment that I looked away, my little climber scaled a big overstuffed chair, climbed onto the back of it and maneuvered her way onto. . . the top of a 3-shelf bookshelf! That crazy girl!

I visited with my friend who has a daughter the same age as mine, and she noted that when her daughter wakes up in her crib, she lays there and talks to herself or coos. I asked, “Doesn’t she try to climb out of her crib?”  “No,” she replied, “I don’t think it occurs to her to try to do that.” Huh? Doesn’t occur to her? I think my daughter looks at everything in her environment and tries to figure out how she can climb it.

I guess it is a genetic thing.



  1. my little sister was a climber – not me, scared of heights – no equilibrium.

    she stood in the middle of the hall – a little bitty thing she was and had been a premie too – and put one foot on one wall and the other foot on the other wall and used her hands and feet to “walk” herself up the wall.

    and then there was the time she pulled out all the drawers of a huge chest of drawers – one at a time as she climbed up them – the first all the way out and the higher she went, the more unbalanced it became until there was crash as it toppled over on top of her! Luckily the bed caught it and kept it from mushing her!

    i was always glad my kids kept their climbing to the roof of the house and trees!

  2. When my youngest son was 10 months old we had him at the church as my husband was doing some repairs in the ceiling.

    He was crawling around the floor around the base of the ladder as my husband was up in the crawl space. As he went to step down onto the top step of the ladder he felt the downy white head of a baby under his foot.

    My 10 month old son – who couldn’t even walk yet – had crawled up to the top of an eight foot ladder!

    As far as I know the child has been fearless since conception. He’s ten years old now, and has already had both legs in casts for different injuries. He skateboards, bikes, snowboards – anything he can do that goes fast or gets airborne. Early on we nick-named him “risky boy” and the name still fits!

  3. spaghettipie

    S – I imagine we’ll take our share of trips to the ER for broken limbs. Hopefully none for big dressers!

    MR – So you’re telling me there’s no chance of her outgrowing this, huh?

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