Quote of the Day

“I think your (4-year-old) son just picked up a hatchet. . .”



  1. Wait. You mean I have to dehatchetfy my house before little kids come over? Man, that could take a while…

    One in my laptop case, at least two in the bedroom, two in my truck (one’s going to go in for handle repair), let’s see…six that I can think of in the Shed of Happiness (my workshop), and at least two in the Shed of Despair (where the lawnmowers are stored). Plus a couple of full sized axes and pick axes and mattocks. It sounds like a lot when listed out like that, but you never know when you’ll need to do emergency wood chopping. Be prepared and all that. Also I was converting hatchets for friends and family in the Army to carry to Iraq, so I bought quite a few to try them out.

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