Is it real?

At the last baby shower I hosted, I put together a little game called Is it Real? I thought it might be fun to play on this Monday afternoon. Read the descriptions, and decide if you think these products or REAL or FAKE. Put your answers in the comments, and later this week I’ll post the answers. And don’t ruin the fun by cheating and doing an internet search!

1. A gift certificate to a baby spa – enjoy a baby massage or chakra chi or participate in mommy and baby pilates and yoga

2. Hand shaped infant pillow – an ergonomic infant pillow designed to mimic the size, weight, touch, and feel of mommy’s hand and forearm to reassure baby as if you’re still there touching him

3. Crib arm – a sound-activated arm that easily attaches to the side of most cribs. can be set to simply vibrate or to gently pat baby, when the arm is activated.

4. Lullaby renditions of Metallica – a collection of your favorite Metallica songs transformed into beautiful instrumental lullabies

5. Diamond pacifier – 3 carats set in a 14K white gold base, with silicone mouthpiece and moving handle

6. Pacifier holder – nylon band connects to pacifier and gently wraps around baby’s head to hold pacifier in place, preventing baby from spitting it out or losing it. not recommended for nighttime and unsupervised use.

7. Rhinestone sippy cup – sippy cup encrusted with swarovski crystals. all rhinestones are encased inside an acrylic plastic cover for easy handling.

8. Vacuum nasal aspirator – more effective than the bulb syringe, this aspirator connects directly to your vacuum cleaner and draws mucus and phlegm out and traps it in a washable phlegm collector.

9. Talking Jesus doll – 12” sized doll who speaks 18 different lines and over one minute of Scripture.

10. Sushi box play food – Includes three types of sushi rolls with shrimp, tuna, salmon roe, egg, condiments, chopsticks, and cleaver.

11. Bathroom Door Baby Hanger – infant carrier style seat, that hangs from the stall wall in most public restrooms, and can also be used in many public fitting rooms.

12. Dirty diaper drops – no more need for diaper pails. add 1-2 drops to a soiled diaper and smell dissipates immediately.



  1. This is bizarre. Here are my guesses:
    1) Real
    2) Real
    3) Real
    4) Fake
    5) Fake …paleeeease!
    6) Real …so dangerous!!
    7) Real
    8) Fake
    9) Real …didn’t they get the “thou shalt NOT” Memo?
    10) Real … not real cleaver, of course.
    11) Real
    12) Fake

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