Redefining Superwoman, Part I: Being a Woman (or man!) of Courage

I’m a little late in posting about the last session of our Women’s Bible Study. Better late than never, right?

This past week we talked about being women of courage. Normally, when we talk about courage, images of firemen rushing into burning buildings or soldiers defending their country come to mind. And certainly those acts take courage. But what we talked about this week is the courage it takes to do our daily tasks, make those small decisions, and live as God has called us to live.

It takes courage to

  • say no to plans and people who distract us from our calling,
  • discipline our children consistently, especially when we just don’t feel like doing it,
  • not only refrain from participating in gossip but put a stop to it,
  • give financially to our church or others in need when we ourselves feel financial pressure,
  • love those around us who are difficult to love,
  • give grace and forgiveness to those who hurt us,
  • set aside our definition of being a superwoman and trust in Christ alone for our identity,
  • and the list goes on. . .

In the video series we’re watching, Donna Otto said she believes daily courage is the hardest of all. After reflecting on it all week, I agree. Taking the easy route does not require courage. Making the right decisions day after day – whether popular or not, whether accepted or not, whether understood or not – requires courage. In fact, one dictionary defines courage as “the ability to do something that frightens one.” But we know the ultimate source of courage. Jesus enables us to make courageous decisions and perform courageous acts every day. The Bible says that we have access to the same power that raised Him from the dead to live our daily lives (Eph 1:18-21)! We are not left to face life alone (Joshua 1:9).

Donna outlined three traits she believes lead us to courage:

  1. Cheerfulness – Don’t read happiness here. Cheerfulness comes from believing in God with such confidence and such gratefulness that life is not drudgery. We view every part of our daily lives – even the most seemingly insignificant tasks – as His work and that allows us to find joy.
  2. Confidence – We know who we are, what we think and why we do what we do. We also know the source of our identity and the basis upon which we can act courageously.
  3. Acceptance – We accept God’s grace, and thereby we accept ourselves. We believe that we are His creation and His children.

As we begin to develop these traits, acting courageously becomes just a little bit easier. One of Donna’s closing comments was “The common begin, but the uncommon finish.” Oh, that I would have the courage to not only begin but to finish!

Questions to ponder:

1) What does it take to act courageously in your life?
2) How do you think the three traits Donna Otto mentioned help us to be courageous? What can you do to further develop those traits?
3) When do you find it most difficult to be a woman (or man!) of courage? How can you remain motivated to finish?

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One comment

  1. Courage is a really hard thing sometimes. For me, I also have to make sure I have a little (or a LOT!) of self-discipline and contentment sprinkled in there for me to act courageously in the ways you have described.

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