Authentic Parenting Tour: Some Final Comments

Just some final comments on Mary DeMuth‘s Authentic Parenting Blog Tour.

1) I want to be clear that I believe Mary’s tour was a success. I whole-heartedly agree with many of your comments on my last post and on Marcus’s post that we created a buzz around Mary’s book, introduced Mary to many new people, and that word of mouth is very powerful. But above all of that, I know that the story of Jesus was shared with some people who have never heard it or never seen how to let it permeate their families in a tangible way, and that is success no matter how you look at it.

2) We chose to measure book sales (and thus, requested a direct approach of asking people to buy the book) because we were curious as to whether or not blog tours were effective at increasing sales. True, we have no way to measure the effect of a blog tour on sales over time. However, we do know that blog tours do not cause an immediate dramatic increase in sales. Obviously we desired for Mary to sell a million books, but just because she didn’t doesn’t mean the tour was a bust. It just means that the major benefit of tours is not sales.

3) Blog tours have their place in an overall marketing plan. They require more time and energy than one might expect, but if you are working toward the right goals then it’s worth it.

I’ve got a couple new posts up over at my other blog about running a blog tour, and I will add a few more over the next week. I’m always open to sharing what I’ve learned about blog tours with you; please feel free to ask me questions.

So my question to you is this: After reading all of these posts on blog tours. . .

If you’re a writer, how do you feel about doing a blog tour for your next book?
If you’re a blogger, will you continue to participate in blog tours? If so, will you do anything differently the next time you do (and what)?


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