Yesterday morning we concluded a six-week series on our values as a church with a commission. Our director of equipping taught on this final value of being missionally-driven.

To be missional, he said, is not just something we do; it’s a change in who we are. We must learn to look at the world around us through the eyes of a missionary; life around us is our mission field. Certainly it’s important to support global missions (and maybe even go!), but we can’t relegate the word “missions” to someplace “over there.” God has placed us where we are for a purpose. He has work for us to do right where we are. He’s not waiting until we go on a mission trip or sign up to be missionaries. We must engage our culture, our co-workers, our students, our families, our patients – everyone around us – with the love of Christ. I love what our equipping director said about Matthew 28:19 (Therefore, go and make disciples. . .). The word “go” in the original Greek means “as you are going.” It’s not necessarily about doing something completely different in your life (although for some it might be!), but as we are going through our life, making disciples should be integrated into our daily work.


Listening to this message made me think of my friend Marcus and his work with The High Calling. The idea behind this information-rich website is that the work of our daily lives is a high calling. It’s not something we do to bide our time until God gives us something “important” to do. Our work – whether as a doctor, a mom, a garbage collector or a barista – is holy. Our workplaces are mission field. He has placed us there with a purpose: doing his work. Check out their site, and if you have a blog consider joining The High Calling Blogs, an amazing community of people who view their various occupations as high callings and blog about it!

I encourage you to think about why God has placed you where you are and in the relationships you’re in. How can you become missionally-driven?



  1. Spag – I loved yesterday’s sermon too, thought Ben did a fantastic job communicating being missional. I know you love the emphasis on relationships.
    Btw, yes-sir-e about the box!

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