The Blogging Community

Various people have been musing about whether or not the blog-o-sphere can provide real community. LL Barkat on her blog and in Christianity Today, Llama Momma, I even posted about it a while back – just to name a few examples.

After reading about Charity’s new journey and all the comments (and now blog posts) in response, I must conclude that blogging can create real community. I don’t think virtual communities can replace or be a substitute for physical community, but the relationships we form through written word and cyberspace can be real. We can come alongside one another and do life together.

So, my community, when you think about it would you say a prayer for Charity? Or perhaps each time you come by my blog, make it a habit to read the prayer below I copied from my comment on Charity’s blog?  Or better yet, maybe even stop by Charity’s place from time to time to check in on her and leave her an encouraging word. Thanks. This is what community is all about.

Precious Father,

Here you have blessed me with a friend whom I’ve never actually met face to face. You’ve encouraged me through a woman who never realized how much her words meant. You’ve shown me courage and insight through a writer who doesn’t always feel brave or insightful.

You tell us to weep with those who weep and rejoice with those who rejoice. Father, I’m weeping with my friend Charity over a difficult diagnosis, overwhelming pain and a tough treatment plan. But I also rejoice with her over the fact that you are doing a new thing in her life. Cancer is not something you’ve allowed to tear her down; it’s something you’ve allowed to draw her closer to you.

Lord, I pray that despite the difficult times ahead, that you will bring her to you more intimately and more deeply than ever before. I ask for complete relief from her pain and total healing for her body if that is what will bring you the most glory. Father, we know that you can heal her. We long for you to do so. But we also long for your will to be done.

Thank you that despite the answer, your word brings peace that surpasses all of our tiny, human understanding. Would you please give Charity an extra measure of your peace? Give her and her doctors wisdom and discernment that comes from above and not from earthly places. Raise up your Body around her to support and encourage her.

Thank you, Lord, that though you’re King of the Universe, you care about us. That you love us so much that you would send your only Son for us, miserable creatures that we are. You are so much bigger than cancer, Lord. We trust in your plan, even when we can’t see or understand what you’re doing.

In your precious name, I lift up my sister and lay her at your feet. Amen.



  1. As far as community goes, this is great. Blogs in Africa, the states, and others are all joining in the fight. Prayer is a powerful force, we can wield it for Charity now.

  2. Thank you for speaking words/prayers for all of us.

    I’ll be back when I have thought more about the stay at home’itis

    I guess my first question though is whether or not you are an extrovert? I don’t mean in the outgoing, talking sort of way – many people who can or choose to do this are frequently mistaken for extroverts and those who are quieter by nature are mistaken for for introverts. What I am asking is, where do you draw you energy from? Do people energize you do they tire you?

  3. spaghettipie

    Thanks to all of you for leaving comments. I know Charity will appreciate it. Isn’t it amazing to be a part of the Body?

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