A High Calling . . .


As I’ve mentioned before, my friend Marcus is working on an endeavor called High Calling Blogs. Basically, he’s creating a network of bloggers who recognize that our daily work (every aspect of our lives, really) is a high and holy calling. There is no such thing as “spiritual” work separate from other work. The sermon today at church was timely. Our pastor said that we should “relationally connect the truth of who God is to every square inch of our lives. We should ask ‘God, how are you connected to this?’ ”

So, I’ve joined the crowd, and my blog is filed under “parenting.” Certainly I often talk about being a mom on this blog, but I tend to focus on whatever is on my mind rather than strictly parenting. Parenting comes up often because I’m in the throes of raising a toddler. However, I thought since I’m a member of this community now, then I should be sure to do my part to contribute to the discussion. Coming soon, I will begin a weekly post featuring interviews with ordinary parents who view their role as a high calling.

Stay tuned! I’m excited to see where this takes us.

PS – If you’d like to be interviewed – or know someone who you’d like me to feature – please be sure to let me know!



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