To Infinity and Beyond

While I was reading through the documents requiring me to sign my life away to America’s Funniest Home Video, I stumbled upon the following quote that completely cracked me up:

“My grant to you includes the use of my Personal Rights and any use you may make of the Video . . . (blah, blah, blah) right to publicize . . . (blah, blah) including transmission by satellite and over the Internet in any and all media whether now known or hereafter devised without limitation . . . (more legal jargon blah, blah) throughout the universe in perpetuity . . .”

Seriously? Did they just say throughout the universe until the end of time? Talk about wanting to CYA! So for all you aliens from other parts of our universe or time travelers visiting from the future, if there’s any confusion about who now owns the rights to a silly video of a toddler running around my living room with a bucket on her head, now you know.



  1. Having done some work with contracts now for, this makes me laugh. And I completely understand why they are phrasing it that way.

    They’re buying nonexclusive rights, though, right?

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