Tinky Kunk

We walked to church today, and as soon as we entered the church parking lot my daughter grabbed her nose and began saying, “My nose, mommy. My nose.”

“What’s wrong with your nose?” I asked, perplexed because she hadn’t left the stroller.

“My nose! My nose!”

Then a waft of a not-so-pleasant odor tickled my nose, too. Ah, my daughter’s first encounter with the stink of a skunk!

“That’s a stinky skunk, honey. It will go away when we go inside.”

“Tinky kunk! Tinky kunk in my nose.”

I guess it does sort of feel that way.


  1. What a powerful stench. Did you ever get close to the source?

    And somehow, those stink-machines have a nose sensitive enough to sniff out grubs in the lawn. How does that work?!

    And it’s not like you can train Pepe LePew with M&Ms, either!

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