Redefining Superwoman, Part 5: Know The Book

We all know that as Christians, the Bible is of utmost important to our spiritual growth. Yet for many of us, true Bible study is elusive. Busy schedules, careers, young children, teenagers all seem to demand our immediate attention, and something like studying the Bible (and perhaps using some sort of reference tool) is deemed a luxury that will have to wait until later. We don’t view it as urgent and as vital for daily survival as we should.

In this fifth lesson, Donna Otto talked about knowing The Book. She made some great points about why it’s important for us to know it.

  1. The Bible contains our family history. It tells the story of our relatives who went before us. The Bible provides a “big picture” of our genealogy, and the history provided explains a lot about our Christian faith today.
  2. The Bible contains the answers to any question we have about our daily life. We must know how to find the answers. We should conduct both devotional reading (emotional experience) and study. Donna talked about knowing from the eyebrows up (intellectual understanding) and from the eyebrows down (application and emotional response)
  3. Lastly the Bible allows us to know the peace that surpasses all understanding. By knowing, claiming, and living by the truths found in the Bible, we encounter freedom.

While I definitely agree with every point Donna makes, the difficulty I have is in actually putting that knowledge into action. I think that’s where this week’s study meets our overall topic of “redefining superwoman.” I have come to realize that while I cannot forsake studying the Bible at any phase of life, I must also accept that the way in which I am able to study the Bible will look different at different phases in life and in comparison to different people. I can’t look at the way my friends work out their study time and hold that as the standard. I may pick up some great ideas to copy, but when it comes down to it, I have to figure out what works for me at this time. Again, I have no excuse for not studying the Bible despite my scheduling concerns. If I truly hold it as sweeter than honey and more precious than gold, then I’ll need to be in it daily. But I can’t beat myself up over the specific method I use.

So here’s how I’m staying in the Word right now:

  • In an effort to discipline my daughter based upon Scripture, I’m periodically choosing a different verse to address our current discipline focus. For example, we are working on treating others with kindness, so I’ve chosen Ephesians 4:32. We work on memorizing the verse together and talking about what it means. And when she is not kind to others and gets into trouble, we talk about the verse some more. I like this because we’re both memorizing and meditating on the Scripture.
  • I’m attending a women’s Bible study through my church and blogging about it! That may sound sort of funny, but the act of writing about what I’m learning helps drive it home.
  • My community group through church is also focusing on this very issue. We are currently going through Rick Warren’s 12 Ways to Study the Bible, which has been very helpful (despite the fact that I’m not a Rick Warren fan . . . at all.) I like the differentiation he makes between doing a daily devotional and actual study. Truly studying the Bible does require time and can’t be done on the fly. For me, this means setting aside at least thirty minutes once a week.

How do you incorporate studying the Word into your life?

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