On Writing

As you know, my writer’s group recently published a 25-day advent devotional guide through our church. We felt so proud to turn it in, having worked so hard to write and edit each piece. The day the guides were printed, I called our church office repeatedly to find out if they had made it in and when I could pick them up. I finally laid my hands on them at 8pm, in what felt like some clandestine operation outside the church office. They looked even better in print than in digital form. Eager to prolong the feeling of excitement, I called half of our group and delivered the books that evening.

The next day, as I flipped through the book and finished loading the devotionals onto our blog, I stopped and read a couple of my contributions. Terrible! The realization that I was the worst writer in our entire group began to sink in. Would people read my first devotional (coincidentally, my least favorite of my four contributions) and based upon that decide to just skip my entries when they came up during the following weeks? Would they wonder why I was a part of a writer’s group in the first place? Doubt settled in, along with a sense of total embarrassment.

On Sunday evening, our group held a celebratory dinner. Part-way through dinner, one of the other writer’s mentioned her concerns about her contribution to the guide. She felt exactly the same way! As I chimed in to validate her sentiments, every one else admitted they had the same experience.

I am still proud of what we have done because I know at every step of the way our goal was to glorify God. But of course, I still feel a little nervous about how people will respond.

For you writers out there, do you ever feel the same way about your writing once it is in print and distributed? 



  1. Yes, yes, yes. Almost every time!

    (I just got an email with the cover for a book that’s coming out in Spring. An anthology of Mom stories. And my silly story is right there next to REAL writers. This makes me nervous!)

    So…how can we get a copy of the devotional?

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