Parenting Spotlight #3

This week I am so excited to shine the spotlight on a new friend, Kellie. We have a mutual friend here in town, and I discovered Kellie B’s blog through her. I love the way she starts out each post with a letter to her children – what a treasure for each of them to have. You can see her genuine love for her family and how she views her role as a parent as a high calling, simply through her words.

So pull up a chair, and join me in listening to Kellie.

Hey Kellie! Thanks so much for joining us. Tell me a little bit about yourself.
I am 31 years old, have been married for 8 years, and live in my home town with 7- and 4-1/2-year-old boys & a 4 month old daughter. Four of my family members live within a mile of me, and I call them regularly to help me with my little joys that I cannot sometimes keep fed, happy, helped, and wiped all at the same time. I also have an amazing group of friends that love Jesus and my family well.

What’s one thing you love about each member of your family?
One thing that I love about the members of my family? That is easy! I love that when my husband is around the family feels whole, that he can somehow clean a room in minutes that would have taken me all day, and that he loves the outdoors. I love that my 7-year-old has a sensitive heart, still calls me mommy, hugs me in public, teaches his brother, and is interested in his sister who can only spit up and smile. Yet, he loves to compliment burps, play in the creek, and would rather play his Nintendo than well, anything else. I love that my 4-year-old still thinks that pants are long shorts, eats just about anything, and worships his brother. Sweet baby girl is my sugar muffin! I love that she has the fattest little cheeks, kicks her legs in the air when she sees me after a nap, and that she owns a pair of baby leg warmers…the cutest thing ever!

How did you incorporate God and the Bible into your daily lives?
Let me tell you that there is not much structure when it comes to family quiet times or reading the Bible around here these days. I take the Montessori, hands-on approach to incorporating God in our lives! One of my favorite things to do is pray with the kids anywhere we are, for them to know that God always hears you and that prayer happens at other places then the dinner table and at night. I love to bless them before they get out of the car with simple things like, “Blessings to you today sweet boy.” I love to remind my oldest, who has accepted Christ, that the Holy Spirit lives in him so he is able to do things like practicing self control in the class room or stop making noises that I have never heard come from a human being before. When I discipline them I tell them that their disobedience is sin, I put a name to it, and when they say they are sorry I look them dead in the eye and tell them “I forgive you.” I want them to know that forgiveness is easy and imperative in relationships, especially with Christ. My hope is that by making repentance easy with me, it will flow into an authentic relationship with Christ, and they will never fear or question his forgiveness. My favorite thing: telling my kids the gospel from day one. I want my kids to have heard the greatest love story from as far back as they can remember. What a privilege to be the first person to share the cross with your child!

What has being a parent of young children taught you about your relationship with God?
You will have to do a follow up interview when I am old, but I hope there will not be another time in life that my walk with Christ is so sporadic. I have learned that time with God will not look the same each day, with coffee, a cozy reading chair, and picking up where the Lord and I left off yesterday. Those days are long gone. I feel like I have a fast food relationship with God, but he always gets my order right! I know he has a neon sign in heaven that says “Open 24/7.” Good thing because I am coming to Him all the time: at 2 a.m. with a son’s earache, 5 a.m. feeding baby, 7:55 a.m. watching my son and his Hot Wheels backpack disappear around the corner of the school as he runs to class, 20 minutes before that praying he finds his shoes, that my husband would be blessed and set apart at work, and that God would postpone the nervous breakdown until I am not the only adult in the house, and the times that it feels like I am so far away from Him I know He hears my silence.

If you knew a young mom who was struggling to see how doing laundry and changing diapers was holy, what would you say?
I would ask this sweet girl, “Are you kidding?” Every time you touch that sweet baby you are practicing holiness. Every time you feed him or her, you are showing him life, kissing him love, praying over him perseverance, tickling him joy, rocking him peace, correct him self control, answering him over and over and over patience, and training him to share goodness, to give kindness, and to carry the cross faith. Being holy does not have to be huge; it is a matter of the heart. You are the vessel chosen by God to pass to the next generation the purity & grace of the cross. You have Christ in you, and when He sees you He sees Jesus and His holiness whether you feel it or not. Be encouraged.

If that same mom said she wanted to believe you, but was still struggling to do so, what would you advise her to do?
I would encourage her to start praying for her child. First, that she would see her son or daughter the way that Christ sees them and know that He sees her that way as well. Secondly, start praying to love what she has been called to do. One night I was struggling with one of my children. I got him in my lap, and he fell asleep soon after. Then I just started praying for him. I started with his head, and out loud I said “Jesus, thank you for his head. Jesus, thank you for his mind. Jesus, thank you for his eyes, for his nose, mouth, lungs, arms, hands, fingers.” I went from head to toe and took my time thanking Jesus for my son. Let me tell you, those few minutes were the heart change I needed. (You have to do this while they are sleeping and so still and sweet – not awake & driving you crazy!)

Kellie, your words have been so insightful! Any parting comments?
There will be times that things are out of sorts, priorities need to be shifted. Finding the happy medium is nothing but a struggle sometimes. I have to remember that holiness does not come in a hurry, and it comes by returning to the cross and putting myself in places to know my Heavenly Father more.

Thank you so much for stopping by. I love your heart for your family and am so encouraged in my high calling as a parent.

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  1. Kellie B, You make me cry! How fun it is to remember the young Mom you were when I knew you while pregnant with your first baby. You were wise beyond your years back then, and more wise today!! What an encouragement you are!


  2. Wow, this was really encouraging and so eloquent!! I feel happy to know that I’m related to Kellie B. (Apparently. She’s my second cousin, according to my grandmother.)

  3. wow – Kellie, you make me laugh & tear up in the same sentence. I LOVE you and LOVE your family. You are a treasure, sister!
    btw, love that hotwheels backpack, too!

  4. Wow! “Being holy does not have to be huge; it is a matter of the heart. You are the vessel chosen by God to pass to the next generation the purity & grace of the cross.” That is just awesome stuff.

    Thank you, Tina, for this incredible series. And thank you, Kellie, for your practical and honest answers.

  5. spaghettipie

    K, E and TJ – Thanks for stopping by. You guys all know Kellie even better than I do, but I am so thankful that her encouragement here can bless you.

    MG – It is awesome stuff! I’m learning so much from these amazing parents. I love this series!

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