A Christmas Admonition

My friend Jeanne’s son, who is serving as a missionary in Western Africa, recently ended a post with this call to action. I just wanted to share it with you.

So, this Christmas, look to your own house. Certainly the culture will say many things about what Christmas means, but as for you, if you are in Christ, look to Word. Do not be swayed by tradition, read Revelation chapter 12, and Hebrews chapter 10. Try to see the scandal behind God coming to the earth as a baby. Try to imagine the humiliation it must have been for the child Christ. Don’t pretend he didn’t cry in the manger, don’t pretend the angels showed up to the shepherds to sing them Christmas carols. Try to see the birth of Christ as intimately associated with His death. See the nativity not as a gentle and peaceful time, but as the first battle in the war against sin and death. Reject tradition where it is meaningless, cling to it where it fills up your actions with meaning. Dare to live devotionally.

Read the entire, thought-provoking post here. (His whole blog is amazing.)



  1. Thanks for this, Tina. We finally returned home today after two weeks out of town, so I’m trying to catch up on blogs. Your link and remarks really blessed me! 🙂

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