Parenting Spotlight #4

In light of Christmas being five days away, I wanted to take this week for some time of reflection. Next week we’ll get back to the interviews as I shine the spotlight on my friend Leslie.

Open your Bible to Luke 1:26 and following. I encourage you to read the actual passage and imagine yourself there, as I share with you how I envision it.

A young girl named Mary sits alone in her room, thinking about her future with this man named Joseph and wondering when he will arrive to take her as his bride. Suddenly, a strange man appears (I don’t know if he just appears or perhaps knocks at her door) and greets her with some strange words. She’s not exactly sure what he means by them, and the look on her face causes the man to reassure her. He then tells her that she will be pregnant and that this child will be the King of the world. Her immediate reaction, of course, is to ask how, since pregnancy was biologically impossible. The man explains that God will cause her pregnancy. He then gives her some additional validation by sharing that her relative Elizabeth is also pregnant. And then he reassures her that everything is possible with God. Mary responds with a heart to serve and a belief in what the man said.

I read this passage this week with a new respect for Mary. Her response to this crazy, unheard of situation was dependence and trust in God. I mean, just think about her trying to explain the situation to her family and friends. Would you believe it if a young girl told you she was pregnant but had taken no measures to become pregnant? And then what if she tried to tell you that not only was she miraculously pregnant, but her child would be the King of the world? I’d probably smile, and then whisper to my friends that the girl was in denial, or perhaps crazy. I imagine that she felt alone and overwhelmed. That it was difficult to talk with others about what was happening to her. Perhaps that’s why she went to stay with Elizabeth for a while.

And yet, she continues to praise God. She accepts her high calling with grace and confidence in who God is. I believe she must have had a trust in Him that ran deep enough to believe He would equip her to do what He called her to do. This crazy, impossible situation would result in bringing the Son of God into the world, and she felt privileged to play a role in that.

Do we as parents have that kind of dependence on God? We’re not raising the King of the world, but our children are created in His image. Even when God calls us to do the seemingly impossible – whether it’s raising a child or remaining in a job we hate – it’s in order to bring His Son into this world. Mary’s story this week has helped me see my high calling with new eyes. When He calls me to do something, I hope I respond with “I am the Lord’s servant. May it be to me as you have said.”

Happy Christmas!

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