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Phew! I have finally caught up on reading a million posts (you guys have been busy!), and enjoyed getting caught up with everyone. Now I just have to get caught up with posting on my own blogs!

I spent the entire day holed up in a local coffee shop trying to finish up writing a non-profit board member handbook that I’m using at a training seminar I’m facilitating the end of this month. I got a lot of good progress made and am feeling like that project is much more under control. I’ll put the finishing touches on my second article for a local magazine tomorrow after I attend the church I’m featuring. More on that later. Lastly, I’ve got the latest blog tour I’m directing underway. Check out Brenda Nixon‘s website, and then come back here on Thursday to read an interview with her as I feature her in the first Parenting Spotlight of the year.

Speaking of which, I’m so honored to have been included in Best of 2007: Blogs list over at I’m glad that you guys have been enjoying that series. I know I have learned a ton! I’ve got some great interviews already lined up for this year that I can’t wait to share with you.

I’ve got several blogs in my head that I’ll try to get lined up this week.

Happy 2008!


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