Coffee Talk

You know you drink a lot of coffee when your daughter recognizes Starbucks as you pull into the parking lot. She also likes to drink her “coffee” – usually chocolate milk made by a barista, although lately she’s been getting the Horizon box of chocolate milk (with the cow on the front.) A few of my favorite Starbucks memories:

*Pulling into the parking lot and hearing my daughter say, “Oh, we’re here at the coffee maker.”

*Going through the drive thru on the phone with a friend with a two-year-old voice in the background saying, “I want my coffee, too, mama!” Side note: Drive thru coffee . . . brilliant!

*Ordering at the counter tonight and my daughter asking for her “Cow coffee.”

*Having my daughter take me by the hand, lead me to a table, and sit down for a little “meeting.” She sipped on her cow coffee as I drank my latte, and we discussed our time “out of town.” (We just spent a couple days at my parents’ house.)

*Even in Starbucks, my daughter will locate the tallest place she can find and attempt to climb to it. Today, it was a circular window cut into a wall. She couldn’t reach her leg up to it, but she did pull herself up enough to peek through at the interview occurring on the other side.

*Being reminded that sometimes I make life too complicated:

Sees a bug

Mama, a bug. We need to whack it.

It’s okay, honey. I think it’s already whacked.

He needs to go outside and eat some rain.

I’m not sure bugs eat rain.

He needs some food.

What kind of food does he need?

Bug food.

Oh, I see.

Points to some crumbs.

Not that food. That’s bird food. He needs bug food.

. . . ah, the simplicity of life as a two-year-old!



  1. spaghettipie

    LM – She has a wonderfully sweet personality!

    MD – I do love drive thru coffee. Now someone just needs to create a coffee house with a playground.

    K – She keeps growing on me! Thanks for the compliments.

    LL – Thanks 🙂

  2. LOVE IT! It’s one of my favorite places to take my kids. They just look so cute sitting there drinking out of those cups! My B calls his “apple coffee”. By the way, your little honey is a cutie.

  3. spaghettipie

    K – Your kids would look cute drinking out of any cup, I think. 🙂 Apple coffee?

    S – Thanks! I definitely think I’ll keep her 🙂

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